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A selection of Harriets Breakfasts including our very own Classics. Freshly prepared and served all day.
Light Breakfast
Large Toasted Fruit Teacake
Served buttered.
Toasted Plain Muffin
Served buttered.
Toasted Crumpets
Served buttered.
French Toast
£3.45 £2.65 £2.65
Toast and Butter
White or granary bread
Mixed berry
Banana, honey and flax seed
Mixed berry
Classic lemon and sugar Chocolate sauce and strawberries Blueberry
£4.55 £4.55
£4.85 £4.85 £4.85 £4.95
A lightly grilled bloomer bread dipped in Harriets sweet cinnamon egg mix served with honey. £5.25
With streaky bacon
Traditional Breakfast Grill
Two free range eggs of your choice, two bacon rashers, baked beans, hash browns & a slice of toast.
Full Breakfast Grill
Vegetarian Breakfast Grill
Two free range poached eggs, vegetarian sausage, plum tomato, baked beans, hash brown, mushrooms, avocado
& a slice of toast.
Harriets Breakfast Rösti
A homemade rösti topped with avocado, tomato chutney, bacon and a fried egg.
Free range egg, bacon, sausage, baked beans, hash browns, mushrooms, black pudding, tomato
£1.20 £1.50 £1.35 £1.25 £1.35
& a slice of toast.
Pork Sausage Quorn Sausage Fried Mushroom Black Pudding Tomato
Traditional Grills
Add a little extra
£1.85 Egg
£1.85 Bacon
£0.95 Hash Brown £1.25 Baked Beans £0.95 Avocado

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