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Harriets Blend Teas
Over the years we have fine-tuned our exclusive blends of breakfast tea using only the best ingredients to ensure maximum flavour.
              Special Blend No.6
A specially selected blend from East Africa and Ceylon. A well balanced, golden liquor tea with a brisk and refreshing flavour.
Pot for one
Pot for two
Anniversary Blend No.2
Decaffeinated Blend No.10
A blend of East African teas, decaffeinated by a natural process.
Pot for one
Pot for two
Earl Grey Green Blend No.8
£3.25 £5.75
A masterfully blended tea to celebrate our 15th anniversary. Blended from Assam, Kenya and Rwanda. Easy drinking with a strong, rich flavour.
Classic earl grey blended with green tea for a rich bergamot flavour with bright citrus notes.
Pot for one Pot for two
£3.55 £5.95
£3.25 £5.75
Pot for one Pot for two
£3.35 £5.85
 Classic Blend No.4
A traditionally blended breakfast tea, originating from Assam and Kenya, with a strong and rich malt flavour.
Pot for one £3.45 • Pot for two £5.85

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