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Soft Drinks
Made with real ice-cream & topped with whipped cream. A choice of Vanilla pod, lemon meringue, banana and butterscotch, pistachio, English strawberry and Belgian Chocolate.
Old Fashioned Lemonade
Topped with a little sorbet.
Rose Lemonade
Still Mineral Water
Small Large
Sparkling Mineral Water
£3.55 £3.55
£2.45 £4.55
£2.45 £4.55
Adult £3.75 • Children’s £2.95
Coca Cola or Diet Coke
Sparkling Pomegranate & Elderflower
Sparkling Ginger & Lemongrass Squash
Orange or Blackcurrant.
Cold Milk
A lively champagne with bouquets of ripe fruits & a citrus aroma with hints of toast & honey.
£2.95 £2.95
£1.75 £1.75
Small Large
 Glass (125ml) Bottle (75cl)
£7.95 £39.50
House Red, White and Rosé Wine
Small glass (175ml) Large glass (250ml) Bottle (75cl)
Old Mout Cider
£5.85 £15.55
An extremely fine sparkling Prosecco. Aromas of wildflowers and almonds are balanced by notes
Old Mout was dreamed up in New Zealand’s Moutere Valley, over 65 years ago. The country has always been a playground for the naturally adventurous thinking of tasty new ways to make fruit more useful.
of pear and a refreshingly crisp acidity.
Glass (125ml) Bottle (75cl)
Prosecco Royale
£5.85 £28.50
Pomegranate and strawberry Kiwi and lime
Samuel Adams Boston Lager
(4.8% ABV 330ml)
Handcrafted in single batches with a rich, robust and complex flavour.
£3.75 £3.75
A fine sparkling Prosecco with a dash of Little Scarlet Gin Liquer. The tiny wild berries are handpicked
and rested in Gin resulting in a liquer that delivers a bright, clean and refreshing strawberry flavour.
Glass (125ml) £7.65
Add a dash of flavour to your Prosecco or Champage with our syrups. £0.55 each
Alcoholic Beverages
Fruit Juices Orange Juice
Freshly squeezed £3.10 Apple Juice
A blend from local orchards £3.10

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