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All Harriets teas are made using loose leaves to ensure the maximum flavours are captured for you to enjoy. All are served in a pot with extra hot water.
              Harriets Special Blend No.6
A well balanced, golden liquor tea with a brisk and refreshing flavour.
Harriets Anniversary Blend No.2 A masterfully blended tea. Easy drinking with a strong, rich flavour.
Harriets Decaffeinated Blend No.10 A blend of East African teas, decaffeinated by a natural process.
Harriets Earl Grey Green Blend No.8 Classic earl grey blended with green tea for a rich bergamot flavour with bright citrus notes.
Harriets Classic Blend No.4 A traditional blended breakfast tea with a rich malt flavour.
A light and delicate tea with a subtle muscatel flavour.
The leaves give a full bodied flavour with a distinctive malt taste.
Earl Grey “Blue Lady” Bergamot and blue mallow flowers providing a more elegant and fragrant taste.
Lapsang Souchong
The leaves are smoked over pine chips to provide a distinctive smoky flavour.
Russian Caravan
Blended from exotic teas. Slightly smoky.
Rooibos (Red Bush)
From the leaves of the Red Bush that grow in South Africa. Contains no caffeine.
Chai Green
Chai combined with green tea leaves, cardamom, cinnamon, clove and orange peel.
Gunpowder Green
The leaves are hand rolled and dried in pans over fire leaving the delicate and subtle flavour.
Green Jasmine
Infused with the aroma of jasmine blossoms resulting in a sweet and highly fragrant flavour.
Cinnamon & Plum Green
Spicy cinnamon and dried plum pieces provide a satisfying, aromatic green tea.
Rose Chocolate Tisane
Light and delicate green tea with cocoa peel and red rose petals to leave a subtle sweet finish.
Bouquet Royale Tisane
A 100% fruit tisane with eight fruits including blackberry, blueberry, raspberry and strawberry.
Blood Orange Tisane
A 100% fruit tisane with apple, hibiscus and rosehip.
Peppermint Tisane Organically grown for purity, providing a clean, refreshing and aromatic flavour.
Lemon Verbena
A refreshing citrus flavour with a delicate sweetness.
Chamomile Flowers
Whole chamomile flowers providing a clean and fresh, caffeine free infusion.
Pai Mu Tan
A white tea with a pale yellow liquor and
a soft, delicate flavour with a hint of nuttiness.
Delicately blended with aronia berries, mango cubes, rose petals and passion fruit.

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